What Are The Key Factors (Nutritionally) For Weight Loss?

Garage Gym Athlete
What Are The Key Factors (Nutritionally) For Weight Loss?

Hey, Athletes! This week the guys are looking at a study on bread for weight loss. Don't miss out on this episode of the Garage Gym Athlete Podcast! 

Episode 157 of The Garage Gym Athlete Podcast is up!

What Are The Key Factors (Nutritionally) For Weight Loss

This week Jerred and Joe look at a study on bread type. It tried to compare which type of bread was better for weight loss but really the study just proved how important fiber really is! This week's topic is on the minimum effective space for a Garage Gym Athlete! The guys talk about how much space you actually need and it may not be as much as you'd think! Lastly, this week's Meet Yourself Saturday workout is called Broken Arrow. It's very aptly named so make sure to catch some tips on how to get after this one! 

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  • Key Nutritional Factors for Weight Loss
  • Wheat vs. Rye
  • Fiber    
  • Broken Arrow
  • Minimum Effective Space for a GGA 
  • Tips For MYS
  • Updates and Announcements
  • And A LOT MORE!!

Diving Deeper… 

If you want to go a little bit deeper on this episode, here are some links for you: 

Study of the Week  

Garage Gym Athlete Workout of the Week 

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