Wait...where are the before and after shots!?

At Garage Gym Athlete, we do things differently.


Click on any image below, and you will learn of a story. You will hear an account of an athlete just like you. Maybe an athlete who didn't consider themselves an "athlete" who has embraced being different, being a Garage Gym Athlete.

We focus on what you can DO, not what the scale says, and that's why we don't do before and after shots like EVERY OTHER fitness website on the planet. We are here to change the status quo.

The funny thing is... when you focus on what you can DO, you still lose weight, gain strength, and look better naked.

So what's the difference??

We have more fun! Our athletes are not slaves to calorie counting, the scale, or shirtless selfies. Our athletes are out there having fun, seeing the results they want, and DOING more in the process.