In short, Garage Gym Athlete is about building autonomous athletes and better humans through intentional discomfort.

In the not-so-short version, here's what Garage Gym Athlete is about:

More people are working out at home than ever before, but they don't look, feel, or perform how they want. 

We get it. You want RESULTS from a simple program that won't take hours so that you can handle anything life throws at you, from playing with your kids to being healthier and the ability to do cool stuff.

Your time is limited, and equipment may be sparse, but that's not the most challenging part. Overcoming the extreme OVERWHELM in fitness and nutrition is more complicated than it has ever been before.

COMFORT is trying to sneak its way into your life in any way it can. And when it does, you feel undisciplined and unproductive. Maybe that makes you push harder, or perhaps you call it quits.  

Fighting against this process is no easy task, but you rewire the type of person you are day by day when you do hard things. We call that KILLING COMFORT

And we are here to help. We want to give you a sense of relief because you know there is a team behind you guiding you every step of the way. Guiding you towards autonomy. A team invested in your long-term success and education.

We understand Garage Gym Athletes because we are a team of Garage Gym Athletes. We give you the plan, the program, the easy-to-use app, and a ton of educational resources to get the job done. 

And that plan is simple Sign-up -> Train -> Track -> See Results. We take all the thinking out of seeing progress. Follow our recommendations and stay consistent in training, and seeing results is as simple as following a GPS in your car. You'll also find we provide value WAYYY beyond just sets & reps 

If you're ready, Sign up for a 14-Day Free Trial and see what this is all about. If not, Get The Garage Gym Athlete Book or Learn Our Method

Training with us gives you a Goal-Based Program, Time-Based Results, and Supportive Community. Sticking with it will lead to More Energy, Better Overall Health, a Clear Mind, Stronger & Faster performance, and more confidence 

Fitness can be complicated. You thought all programs are created equal, but that isn't true. People workout consistently all around the world but don't look or feel how they want. And worse... things like high-intensity training done daily can have devastating health consequences. You need smarter training. 

We give you the most effective hour in fitness, backed by science, that takes you FROM; overwhelmedinconsistent, and no confidence that the steps you are trying to take are the proper steps to progress forward - Non-athlete. 

TO; healthier, autonomous, and confident in your training and lifestyle choices. We'll slowly and unknowingly move you from average to an ATHLETE


The Fitness Industry is a scary place. But not here. We are the ones who do things right: no shortcuts or easy fixes. We offer optimal training and a dialed-in lifestyle approach based on research and data.


Garage Gym Athlete (GGA) is a company that utilizes the "End of Three Fitness (EO3) Programming methodology" and EO3 is also the parent company of GGA.

While End of Three Fitness focuses on educating coaches, Garage Gym Athlete is focused on implementing the EO3 Method on a LARGE scale. 

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Tenet #1: EO3 Elements

We don't care what program you follow (well, we'd prefer it be ours) or what kind of result you are looking for; EO3 Elements are the prerequisites to your success. No exceptions. 

Learn More About the EO3 Elements

Tenet #2: Concurrent Training

Is there an ideal way to train? Yes, it's called Concurrent Training. But it's only ideal if you are looking to live a long time while increasing mental and physical performance. 

Learn More About Our Style of Training

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Tenet #3: Body Geometry

Through over a decade of training and over 2,000,000 training sessions we created Body Geometry. This tenet keeps athletes safe, healthy, and optimal by fixing imbalances and increasing your efficiency and quality of how you move.

Learn More About Body Geometry

Meet Yourself Saturday

The OPTIONAL TENET: We do REALLY hard workouts...ON SATURDAY. 

The kind of workouts that make you "meet yourself". Where you start to question if you should quit, slow down, or tap out. Make no mistake, our training will improve you just as much mentally as it will physically. 

Learn More About Meet Yourself Saturday


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The Team

If you are done with the dark side full of Instagram models and random programming, then you are ready to meet the team. 

Meet The Entire EO3 Team

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A podcast aimed at making your a dangerously-effective athlete. 

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