Our Garage Gym Equipment Wish List

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Our Garage Gym Equipment Wish List

Hey, Athletes! Our Garage Gym Equipment Wish List  Episode of The Garage Gym Athlete Podcast is up!

Our Garage Gym Equipment Wish List


  • Jerred and Joe talk equipment
  • Specifically they give a run down of what's in there garages
  • Then they give a breakdown of what is on their wish lists
  • And A LOT MORE!!

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Podcast Transcript

Jerred: [00:00:00] All right. Today on the podcast, we are going over our top equipment picks on the wishlist for 2024. This is the garage gym athlete podcast, and we're here to build autonomous athletes and put phenomenal programming into every garage, basement, and spare bedroom out there. I'm Jared Moon and I'm with Joe Courtney.

We are strength and conditioning coaches who have turned over 20, 000 people into garage gym athletes. It's over the last decade, and we're here to reduce the information overload that exists in the health and fitness industry today, we're going to do that by covering relevant science and give actionable takeaways, not only from the data, but from our years of experience.

So let's dive in.

All right, Joe, let's dive into it. Talking equipment before we do, this is wishlist. We're going over what we want to add to the garage gym, what we think would be cool. But I have to first go over something. [00:01:00] I just got, that's been on the wishlist for years. So it's not technically on my wishlist anymore because I have it.

And it also cost me nothing. What could cost nothing, but be on the wishlist for a decade? Do you have any guesses?

Joe: Something you got for free, I'm

Jerred: guessing free. Yeah. It's been more like Emily wouldn't let me have one based off of houses we lived in. And now I have one because

Joe: a rope, nope for rope climbs.

Okay. I don't know. Tractor

Jerred: tire. I got a truck because every other house we've ever lived in maybe we don't. We don't have enough space around the neighbors or like whatever have this big tractor tire, like sitting in a garage, if she needs to park in there, or if it's on the side of the house, it just doesn't look good in certain neighborhoods or whatever.

So anyway. I've always wanted a tractor tire for lots of reasons to be able to flip it, be able to like do sledgehammer strikes on it, just all these kinds of things. [00:02:00] And then I was talking to my buddy about it and I was like, Hey man, I've always wanted a tractor tire. I was just talking about it like randomly, not trying to say anything to him.

And he's his parents like live on a farm or something like that. And he was like I'm headed down there in a couple of weeks. They have a ton of tractor tires just laying around and it costs them 200 per tire to recycle them. Like the ones that are no good. So that's how you get it for free.

Because if you can find someone who's legitimately using tractor tires and they have Ones that they want to discard then you get it for free because it costs them money to recycle So anyway, he delivered it to my house and i'm super stoked. I flipped it only a few times. I haven't gotten like a solid workout I made sure it was a good one.

Like at first he was like, do you want the And I was like, yes, biggest one they have. But then he was like, Oh, I don't think that one's going to fit on my trailer. I'm just going to get you one of these smaller ones. It's Oh man, I'm gonna get a small one. And then he drops it off and no, it's plenty big and it's plenty heavy.

Cause [00:03:00] the biggest one, I don't know what he meant by the biggest one, but this one's already probably As tall as me and like I this is the smaller one. So the bigger one I mean, I probably wouldn't have been able to flip it So i'm really glad that his trailer didn't fit what was available on this, ranch

Joe: or farm or whatever So there was no way you could ask them to hold on to it for two more months so that you don't have to move It because

Jerred: you're gonna have to move it.

They dropped it off at my new house. Not. Oh, okay yeah, that's why I haven't been able to use it If it was here at my current house, I'd be flipping it every day. So yeah, it's over there as long as the construction workers don't throw it away or something. We should be good.

Joe: Hey, who brought the, who brought this tire here?

We need to get rid of it. What's

Jerred: crazy, too, is I looked at buying one because I couldn't find a place that I could just get a tire. They're so expensive. I would never buy just a brand new big ass tractor tire. You have to find a place to recycle it.

Joe: I was gonna say if you have some people that want to buy a tire, and then you have other people that want to, need to pay to get rid of a tire they need to just, This, there just needs to be a network for that.

Jerred: Yeah. A new business model right there. You can charge [00:04:00] five bucks just to link these people up and then you get your tires. Cause I started looking on Craigslist and some people know like fitness people want these tires. So they're still trying to charge like 500 bucks for these used tires with like nails in them and all this kind of stuff.

And I'm like. No, I know it costs you money to recycle this. You're not going to bank from some guy who flip it. So now everyone knows the secret out there. Go find somebody who needs to get rid of some tires. They just have a minefield of them on this property. All right let's dive into wishlist.

I'm actually going to let you go first. Cause you have a lot more on your wishlist than me. Not that I don't want a lot of things, but I it's limited. It's limited because I really like to be super minimal. Let's start with you, man. What's the first thing on your wishlist for this year?

Joe: So a hundred percent, this is something that I almost got at the end of 2023.

And then I thought about, okay, once we get here, after we move, I will get it and have it sent here. And now I'm wondering if I get it this year or later. I don't know, but that's a concept to biker. I've [00:05:00] wanted one. I love it. I had a spin bike for a while. It was great to have in the house, in the office for either crappy weather days or just doing a bike.

It's nice to have that for a zone to cool down. Like we have the air dying and air dynes can be used for a cool down rowers. To me, you can't cool down on a rower. So you

Jerred: just start rowing too fast every time you get on one or what?

Joe: I feel like on a rower, there's it's a mental, it's mentally, it messes with you because when I'm on a row or I know the pace that I row at, I know it's between, one 50 to two minutes.

If I'm going for like comfortable pace, I can do like at two Oh five, but like I'm still gonna be watching the monitor. I'm not gonna be watching my heart rate for a cool down. So like the. Airdyne is fine, but like when I cool down, I just want to relax into the cool down.

Like I want to have my heart rate elevated, but I don't want to do anything with my arms. Yeah. So the bike is great to have and it's just awesome to use. But because of the weather here is so good for running year round, I could do zone two stuff anytime if I really need to. We'll see, but I know it is 100 percent of the top of the list.

It's going to [00:06:00] happen whether it's this year, whether it's next year.

Jerred: Yeah, I think I have a Concept2 biker and I will say I love it. It's probably my favorite piece of conditioning equipment that I have. Cause I, if people haven't heard or been listening to the podcast, I I've started to like, not running as much.

It's just, I'm running too much and I don't want to run anymore. And yeah, the bike has been a welcome addition. Relief to like still getting in conditioning when if I can't run or like whatever

Joe: love the bike and Dallas temperature. I always have it linked in my phone. Dallas temperature is always crazy It's always going way up and down except for like peak summer when it's just like hot as hell But every other time of the year seems like every three days There's like a dip or a peak and yeah, so that kind of variable.

I feel like having something indoor is good

Jerred: Yeah, I mean it's march now, but in february it literally shot up to the 90s You And, but would also like within the same week be the high could be like 36. So just a really strange place [00:07:00] in the springtime. Summer's just hot. You know what you're getting?

Like I, I basically could delete the weather app come May and just be like, and not make, not download it again until maybe October, November. It's just, it's hot. It's hot. What are we, what's happening today? It's not going to rain. 0 percent chance, and it will be hot. What else do you want to know?

There could be a cloud in the sky. Alright, my turn? Here's one that I want. I want one of those, I don't have a specific brand, there's Rogue has some, I think Titan has some, but one of those sleds with the mechanical resistance. Talking about, they have the wheels, they have the wheels, but then you can like, you can crank up the resistance.

I really want those because I bought some of those very inexpensive sleds. What are they? They're like. They were honestly like 70 bucks. I think I bought them like black friday or something. They

Joe: only drag one way Or is it? Yeah, it's just a drag. It's not a push, right?

Jerred: It's not a push Yeah, [00:08:00] they're just like you can drag or you can pull like backwards or whatever, but it's all dragging and A couple of things like I don't care if it's your driveway if it's a street or whatever It's annoying and it's loud, even if you buy like the bumpers that can go on those like it's You Just not the best thing for having neighbors anywhere.

So anyway, not in love with those. I would love to have, get some of that pushing ability being able to push or pull and, Yeah, I've always wanted one. I think they're a little crazy expensive for what they do. You can't do a lot with it. And like some of these I'm looking at rogue site right now.

Like it looks like a lower one is 800 bucks. Then they quickly go up to 2, 500 bucks. Like 1599 is another one. So anyway, it's not an inexpensive piece of equipment for me. For what it does, right? Like it doesn't do a ton. But I used to push sleds all the [00:09:00] time in the military because we'd always have a field and they'd have sleds and I always love pushing sleds.

Great way to make people throw up who are like new to the fitness stuff. So anyway. That's definitely high on my list. We want to get that.

Joe: Yeah. I was using one. We were in Monterey at the gym there, and I could technically get one in here to use in the basement. I measured, we measured it out and it's 70 feet, 80 feet.

Wow. That's long dude. And if you take away, a little bit on the ends because of stuff there, it's, you're working with 60 65 ft. It's still pretty good. But again, like that same metal scratching, I would get one that I can push both ways and pull. So you don't have to turn it around.

But those tire once does seem the best. For long term because no matter where you are, you can put it on the

Jerred: surface and yeah, they have handles on both sides. So you don't have to turn anything around. You just walk to the other side of it and start pushing it the other direction.

Joe: I'm sure Landon would love to ride on it and try and push it as well.[00:10:00]

He's just obsessed with pushing stuff.

Jerred: There you go. Now you have justification. It's basically necessary to be able to entertain

Joe: your child. Yeah. So yeah, number two, they said wishlist for 2024. So you mean like most likely to get this year or like just wishlist in general for well, let's

Jerred: just say, You're triaged list.

So like maybe you're like, even the erg, you're like, I'm probably going to get it this year. I might get it next year. So let's say it's just next on your list. So erg is happening next for sure. Biker like the next thing you'd buy after that. What would it be?

Joe: It's probably just small stuff. Like I was, I almost got on and got a, like an easy bar and a trap bar.

Just having those extra little bars. Easy bar. I, you can get those super cheap trap bar is just something to fun to play with. I would like to get into depth lifting a little bit more. It's just, taking some strain off the lower back. Liz is getting more into lifting as well. Down here, speaking of having [00:11:00] the 60 feet, I could pick it up and do carried weighted carries down and back with it.

I could do some explosive stuff. Are you pretty much just doing deadlifts or weighted carries? It's very limited, but still, it was just one of those fun things to have those two other Extra bars and they're not gonna take up a lot of space. That's another thing. Since we're over here, I don't want something that's going to take up either a ton of space for moving, even though they're going to move it out.

I technically have all the room for anything I could possibly want. It's just. When we go back, it's not going to be like this. So I need to stay within the confines of what we might have back home. Like when we fit the whole gym in half of the garage. So one carport and our stuff fit perfectly.

So if not, I would say a GHD, but GHD is 100 percent a space thing or else it would have already happened. So I can't get something like that until. We go somewhere else and I see what space we're working with. So little stuff like that. Easy bar trap bar, or even like a matching kettlebell for weighted carries is things on my list to just add to what we already have, but nothing crazy, nothing major.

I [00:12:00] do have one main thing that I'm going to, that's going to be on the top of the list when we move back though.

Jerred: Let's hear that one.

Joe: I just tease that and you can

Jerred: go to yours. Oh, okay. Have you seen that? I think we talked about it. Not in not on the podcast, that freak athlete thing, I'm talking

Joe: about Oh the the the glute or it's

Jerred: yeah, I haven't pulled up now it's it's a Nordic bench for Nordic curls, Nordic hamstring curls.

It can do back extension. It can do GHD and reverse hyper, which I have a lot of problems with them calling it a reverse hyper, because it's, you cannot do a reverse hyper on this. Sorry. It's not like they shouldn't even have said that, but everything else is cool. It can do decline, sit up, hip thrust, and it has vertical storage, which is not really a thing, but anyway, that thing's pretty legit because it's, what is it?

It's listed on their website right now for 6. 99. And if I were to do GHD at rogue, which. You don't have to buy everything from rogue. It [00:13:00] ranges from 645 to 1600 depending on which one you want. And the rogue one will only do one thing, right? It'll only be a GHD, but this freak athlete one, which again, we have no association with any of these companies.

I don't even know if the freak athlete thing is a good, solid piece of equipment. Rogue. Most of the time, the reason I mentioned them is because I do have a lot of their equipment and it is very quality. I don't have this freak athlete thing, but for the price and like what it can do, like a GHD is a GHD.

You talk about space, like this thing does have vertical storage and. Yeah, can do the GHD function like that's what I'm even looking at if I want to go down the GHD

Joe: route. I mean that needs to be top of your list considering the house that you're going into. Yeah, you're gonna have the space.

Jerred: Yeah, I'll have the space. I need which I'll have to we'll do a YouTube video when people when it's done. Like exploring it. I don't want to, I don't want to spoil it, but I will have a pretty sweet garage gym set up. So I will we'll tease that out [00:14:00] for months from now. But yeah second on my list is not actually a GHD, even though that'd probably be like third on my list.

Cause I've always wanted one. It's just going to be something you already have, which is going to be an air die. back in my life. I gave mine away to a friend during COVID like a long time ago. And I've missed it. I don't know why, but what I'm really looking like you, you'll notice like the two things that I'm looking for, conditioning pieces of equipment.

I already have a lot of conditioning equipment, but I do think after I run this ultra marathon. I'm significantly going to decrease run volume. Like I might run a little bit, but I've been in great shape most of my life over the last 15, 20 years with running minimally. And I think I want to go back to that being my life and getting all my conditioning in other ways.

Like I still, I can still do zone two. I can still do all these things, which a lot of that I'm going to tease out. I'm going to program out, in the next couple of [00:15:00] cycles so people can see how I will do it. But ultimately I want all these different conditioning pieces of equipment so I can run less and do other types of conditioning other forms.

So like sled pushes or airdyne. So that's one that I'm missing right now. Love the airdyne.

Joe: Yeah. The, any kind of fan bike, the amount of intensity and pain that you can get with an airdyne is like hard to match, especially when you factor in like safety wise and warm up. Like I could get on there.

Do one minute warm up and then sprint as fast as I can and be completely fine. But running to get that intensity, I need to warm up five, 10 minutes. So I don't blow a hamstring

Jerred: a hundred percent. And it's probably the only aside from running yeah, you could do if you want to do 15 second intervals.

I guess you could run hundreds, right? You could run, you could sprint hundreds as fast as you can. But like you said, that's The older you get and the more sedentary your job is, which, we both sit quite a bit, like the greater risk of, yeah, just blowing a hamstring, pulling something, getting hurt.

But if you wanna go 15 seconds [00:16:00] all out on an dyne, the only real risk there is like you might throw up. Like that's the only real risk. You're not getting injured a good chance on an dyne. So Yeah, that's, yeah, that's why I like it too, because even with all the ERGs, like I have every erg, right?

I have a ski er, I have a biker, I have the rower. If we're talking about those lower time domains, like sub, like 20 seconds and below, which, I, granted, that's not like a place a lot of people want to do their conditioning, but none of those even really do it. To for those shorter duration things, like of those three, I would say the skier, you could make maybe the worst in 20 seconds, but rower, I don't know it's hard to get go you don't have as much of a, like a metabolic response in 20 seconds on a rower, even if you're going all out, it takes more like 45 seconds to 60 seconds on a rower.

The biker, if you were to like pump up the resistance, like on the erg itself, like up to whatever, like a six or seven, and then [00:17:00] try and pedal. It's very similar to an air dyne, but since it doesn't have that arm motion, it's still not quite as bad. It's just you're really legs, your legs just start burning.

You can't cycle as fast, but yeah. So anyway, the air dyne has a very like. Small purpose, but it's a big one. And I think I'm looking forward to getting that again and I can start doing conditioning me to the grave again, which I haven't been able to

Joe: do in a while. Oh yeah. Yeah, that's right. Once I got mine, I did do it a couple of times.

Yeah, for those I like my fridge Raptor. I think it's really good. They have since raised their price to be more expensive than the echo. So I think it's a coin flip. You might as well go with the echo, but Having the turf tires and the fan guard on this to me is a pretty big deal. It makes a good difference.

I forgot about that. Yeah, that's cool. Yeah, because you can move it out of your garage with the on the turf tires because they just come standard. The rope when you have to buy them and the fan guard. Surprisingly, I love having the fan guard because when you go to warm up, I don't want a cold breeze on me before I'm even warming up.

Jerred: It depends on like the time of year, right? If it's hot, you

Joe: enjoy it. [00:18:00] Yeah. I haven't well, we're going to find out this summer because the basement here is it's humid and muggy and down in the basement and I have a feeling it's going to get pretty warm down here in the basement.

Jerred: Yeah, it's funny, man, like all the rogue eco bike version three accessories I can get an eco bike wind guard and eco bike phone holder and eco bike bottle cage eco bike turf entire and handle kit.

They really they really upsell you there on all the other things like, are you sure you don't need

Joe: the water bottle? Literally all of those, literally all of those things come with the thing and even the water bottle, which I installed, but I've never used it 'cause I'm not on it enough to need a water bottle.

Jerred: So that's an extra 90, a hundred, 130, basically 140 bucks if you get all of the things. So there's your price difference. Yeah. 8 45 is the base price right now, plus 140. So what's the, we'll say,

Joe: I think they just I don't know. I don't remember. I paid 800 for mine. It was when they pretty recently [00:19:00] when they came out with it.

And then I think they raised it to nine something. But I think the echo, they just updated their new monitors. They just got new monitors for I think I'm pretty sure I've seen when I was at our previous gym, I saw some new monitor on there. I don't know how much. Better it is, but it's probably similar to the when concepted

Jerred: there's.

Yeah, I think. And for timeline for me, I probably will get these things this year, but maybe I might try and wait for black Friday when I can get those things like free shipping or like whatever, because I don't need them. Like I can get everything done without it. I have a decent setup now, but I might try and snag something during one of their events.

Matt Black Friday deals or whatever.

Joe: Oh, the French. Maybe it's just a Europe thing. I can't even find the the Raptor. Maybe it's because of I'm in Europe. No, we

Jerred: won't ship to you. Yeah. They got it. You got a VPN and you got to act like you're in the U S.

Joe: I was just going to look up the price for you guys, but I guess I can't.


Jerred: [00:20:00] I'll look it up. What's it called? Fringe Raptor. Fringe rap.

Joe: Yeah. I actually have a review on it too, that I did for you on our, um, YouTube channel, so that I gave my. It was a one year after I got it fully issued that I ran into it was the monitor, but their customer support was like really responsive and issued me, just sent me a new monitor with no big deal, which

Jerred: is nice.

So their Raptor air bike is nine 49. And it says that you said it came with all of those things. And so if you buy all the upgrades on the rogue one, it's nine 85. So I guess they're, that's why they're pricing where they're at. There you go. And it comes with a fan guard, you said? I don't see that.

Oh, no. Removable wind guard. Yep. There it is. Cool. I don't have any more wishlist items, man. Do you have one more you want to throw

Joe: in? Yeah, my main one. So the big one that's going to come after we move back to the States is going to be a new power rack. That's like the next big purchase I've had.

I got [00:21:00] ours. It's a Titan. I think T3 power rack or something like that at the very end of 2017. So we're talking six years that it's lasted over through a couple of different PCS moves. When we first had it, it was outside the entire time. And it's still doing great. I still can squat or feel comfortable squatting in the three hundreds with it.

It's. Yeah it's been great when we first use it, we would use, we would each be on opposite sides of the rack and use it at the same time. Now I don't do that. I only use it on the inside or while I use it on the outside. Cause of presses it's a little short, but I just want something a bit bigger, more robust, something that I can get better attachments to.

I want to get some, just a better rack for, sturdiness one, maybe one that I can hang the plates on get some band attachments, maybe You know, speaking of the GHD, I think it'd be cool to either get, I don't know if I would want a GHD attachment, but like a Nordic attachment or other things like that.

And I know rogue. And I think rep is also a big one now with their power racks [00:22:00] that I would look into. A different pull up bars. So for sure, a new power rack, we're going to I'll sell this one for a couple hundred and upgrade that. And If this one lasted six, seven years, it's going to last us eight years.

Technically, once we get back, then that'll be another big time purchase. I'm fine paying up for it. Cause I think this was like eight or 900. So we're talking a hundred bucks a year.

Jerred: Yeah. You know what's crazy is I've never actually owned a legitimate power rack. Never once. I

Joe: just prefer it versus the ones I know you have the one that just has the arms that come out.

But I prefer being boxed in. I think it's more, a bit more secure. You also get two pull bars out of it. You get, I get a fat one in a regular one or I have the ring. You can decide, okay, I can hang the rings on this one or the pulley system on this one or whatever you you want. Really?

Jerred: Yeah. No, I think I want one now. But I've never actually, I've, I, it's always been a space thing. Like I did have that ridiculous contraption in my backyard, like years ago that like the Castro rig, basically that [00:23:00] was the closest thing I ever had to a power rack. But ever since then, it's always been a space thing.

I've always had the rogue yolk that acted as my power rack, which I still have collapsed up in storage. And then I have the rogue, the one that connects to the wall and also collapses down for space saving. So who knows, maybe I'll get like a legit power rack at some point, but yeah, that's a good one.

Joe: Yeah. I think it'd be cool to have, because at least if you don't want to sacrifice the space for a GHD an attachment for that. And it, To me, it just makes sense to have a GHD. If you can have one that does a regular GHD stuff, if you just put it all the way to the floor, then it's basically a Nordic, so two for one on that.

I already have a landmine thing that you put in a plate, landmine attachment for your racks, just whatever. I don't care about the static dip things, but I think it might be good for Liz. I always prefer ring dips. If you always do ring dips, then you're just going to be way better at dips no matter what.

But just more fun stuff. Awesome. That kind of does it for our wishlist [00:24:00] for this year. We'll update you as we get these things and let you know how they're doing. And then if our wishlist change also just quick update for all the athletes, new cycle coming right around the corner only a few weeks away.

Jerred: I will be coming on the podcast about week as far as publishing one week after this publishes. Yeah. April. Okay. So we're like a week away. That means we're a week away from you hearing. All about the new cycles on the podcast. So anyway, I'll be coming on the podcast, talking about what I'm really excited about, especially on the hard to kill track, which is what I'm programming for this next wave.

I've been talking about it in pieces on a couple of different episodes, so I will fill everybody in and what we're doing when that's officially starting, see if you want to be a part of it and Hey, maybe you don't. But if you don't want to be part of it, cool. We have a whole bunch of other tracks that you can be a part of here at garage gym athlete.

And if you do want to join, get started now, maybe come into fit week. You can go ahead and do that. Go to garage, gym, athlete. com. Sign up for a free [00:25:00] trial. You'll be really fresh and ready to go before the new cycle starts. And for all of our athletes who will have the FOMO between which track they should be joining.

We appreciate you for sticking around and Staying consistent. That's it for this one. Remember, if you don't kill comfort will kill you.

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