Is Cold Immersion The BEST For Recovery?

Garage Gym Athlete
Is Cold Immersion The BEST For Recovery?

Hey, Athletes!  Episode 181 of The Garage Gym Athlete Podcast is up!

Is Cold Immersion The BEST For Recovery?


  • Jerred and Joe discuss a study on Cold Immersion
  • A meta-analysis of 28 studies
  • The analysis looked at studies that measured biomarkers post cold water immersion 
  • The study compares their results with other common recovery methods
  • The guys go over the study's conclusion
  • They give their own takeaways and thoughts of cold water immersion
  • And A LOT MORE!!

Diving Deeper… 

If you want to go a little bit deeper on this episode, here are some links for you: 

Study of the Week  

Effects of Cold-Water Immersion Compared with Other Recovery Modalities on Athletic Performance...

Garage Gym Athlete Workout of the Week 


Thanks for listening to the podcast, and if you have any questions be sure to add it to the comments below!

To becoming better!


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