Are you ACTUALLY hungry after working out?

Garage Gym Athlete
Are you ACTUALLY hungry after working out?

Hey, Athletes! Do you really need to eat that big meal after a workout? Find out if you're actually hungry after working out or is it all mental! 

Episode 142 of The Garage Gym Athlete Podcast is up!

Are you ACTUALLY hungry after working out? 

This week we have all four coaches back on the podcast! They are covering a study that looks into appetite after workouts. The study looked at hormonal responses and showed that you may not actually be that hungry after workouts! This week's topic is on MURPH for beginners. Each of the coaches give their tips on how to add in a few things here and there to better prep yourself for the workout. Lastly, this week's Meet Yourself Saturday workout is Heavy Load Short Distance. Make sure to listen all the way to the end...there may be some new MYS workouts that are in the mix! 

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  • Jerred's Weird Workout
  • Are You ACTUALLY Hungry After Working Out 
  • Metronome MURPH   
  • Heavy Load Short Distance 
  • MURPH Tips for Beginners
  • Tips For MYS
  • Updates and Announcements
  • And A LOT MORE!!

Diving Deeper… 

If you want to go a little bit deeper on this episode, here are some links for you: 

Study of the Week 

Garage Gym Athlete Workout of the Week 

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