Trampis Beatty

Trampis “worked out” for many years through college and a few years after with very little to show for results, and he finally decided that the typical globo gym thing was not for him. He decided to build a garage gym for himself, and he started following different strength programs online. In the process of building his gym he stumbled upon the E03 DIY Corner, and from there decided to purchase EO3’s One Man One Barbell. After experimenting with several other programs, he decided that EO3, specifically Garage Gym Athlete, was the best place to continue his fitness journey. When Jerred put out a challenge for everyone to join him in Asheville, NC for a Spartan Race, he knew he couldn’t say no and never looked back. Through training with GGA and following the Facebook community he discovered a passion to learn but also to help all that he could in the process. He is married with 2 children and lives near Clemson, SC.