Stephen Mitchell

I am married father of 2 little girls- trying to set the best example I can for them to follow. I have always been an active person playing sports and/or exercising because I found it had a great impact on my mental health. After spending years going to a globo gym and not seeing results I wanted for my time and effort I dove into Crossfit. I drank the Crossfit cool-aid and loved it! I consider myself lucky that the Crossfit box I attended was very well run with knowledgeable coaches and owners who peaked my interest in trying to learn the theory behind programming, nutrition and mind set. As time went on I found my ability to consistently get to the Crossfit gym was suffering- mostly due to growing work responsibilities and growing children with too many evening activities! I slowly built out my garage/basement gym and found EO3 fitness while searching for lifting programs that I could pair with my 10K and ½ marathon training. My interest in learning how to program, establish proper nutrition and how to create a positive mind set towards goals, training (and life in general) never subsided. After following EO3 training programs for a while I jumped into the EO3 coaching coarse. My aim is to be able to give something back to the fitness communities I’ve been a member of and learned from. I can’t think of a better way to do that than help others achieve their goals, discover their “why” for training and develop a life-long commitment to the process of improved health and fitness.