Stephanie Peterson

Stephanie is a gym manager, strength and conditioning coach, health coach, and group fitness instructor. She’s a wife, mom of 2 daughters in their mid 20’s, has 2 fur pups, and in her spare time runs 5K to 1/2 marathons, relay races (Ragnars) and 25K trail races and has done so for more than 25 years. Previously, she was an Operations Project IT Manager and an Army Reservist. In 2003, she started her personal training career with an American Council of Exercise personal training certification, working at a local big box gym. As time progressed she left the big box gym and opened a Snap Fitness in 2007. Not feeling fully satisfied she enlisted in the military in 2010 at the age of 39 as an Army Chaplain Assistant. While in the military, as an older enlisted soldier, she maintained high fitness standards during her entire enlistment. In addition, she was acting remedial physical fitness sergeant at all her units in Minnesota and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Stephanie retired from the military in 2016. Currently, she manages a local Anytime Fitness where she coaches her athletes. Stephanie has had many certifications in her 18 years as a personal trainer but most recently she’s an American Council of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer. In 2019, she completed the Sports Conditioning Specialist Program Level 1 certification and in 2020 she completed a year long health coaching program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach. Stephanie's standards are high for all her athletes. Coaching them how to make healthy changes one step at a time, through believing in themselves and the process. There’s no quick fix to health and fitness, it takes time, faith in the process, patience to see change, and integrity in the program.