Scott Suttles

Scott has been in and out of the gym many times since graduating high school, either training with friends or as a desire to be a better Solider. A few years ago, Scott became involved in CrossFit then he decided to start training in his garage with some equipment that he bought from a friend that was moving. He program bounced for a while and did a couple of popular strength programs before finding EO3. Scott stumbled onto the DIY section of EO3 while looking for a plyo box plan. He joined EO3 in mid 2018 and has been there ever since. Over the years he has been involved in the GGA Facebook community, using the experience as a way to stay focused and driven in pursuit of his goal, being better than yesterday. He is married with two daughters and they live in Southeast Kentucky with their extended family of dogs. Scott works as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner at a regional trauma center and he is currently working towards his Doctorate of Nursing Practice.