Scott Ruth

Scott is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, specializing in sports rehabilitation. He believes in the sports population, rehab needs to more than simply alieving pain, but needs to prepare them for their sport and help to reduce the risk of future injuries. This means merging the therapist and coach, to provide the highest level of care and streamline the athlete's return to play. Prior to earning his Doctorate he was an avid runner and weight lifter in both high school and college. While at Florida State University he became a certified Personal Trainer through NSCA and worked on campus with recreational athletes, both students and staff. He uses his years of experience, education, and advanced programs, such as the one from EO3, to continue his growth to be the best he can be for his clients. Since 2016 he has been specializing in Dance Medicine, working with youth, pre-professional, and professional dancers in both recovery from injury, but also in proper implementation of cross training to push their capabilities beyond what is was the day before. You can learn more at