Ryan Keiler

Ryan is a husband, father of two, and a nurse. Throughout middle and high school, Ryan competed in many sports - everything from swimming to track and field. During college and afterwards Ryan trained for and ran 4 marathons. Despite enjoying the marathons, consistency in training was always a struggle and as children and a career came along his training suffered. Over the next four years, he stopped training altogether, gained over 40 pounds, and began to see other unhealthy lifestyle habits take over his life. In March of 2018, looking for a holistic way to improve himself both physically and in other aspects of his life, Ryan found Garage Gym Athlete. After taking the free trial he was hooked, the focus on training the entire athlete was excellent. In the first 9 months of being a Garage Gym Athlete, Ryan lost 35 pounds and added over 50 pounds to his core lifts. A nurse's main goal is to care for people, using the most up to date knowledge, skills, and technology to enhance their care. Being an EO3 Coach allows Ryan to care for people by helping them achieve their goals, utilizing the excellent programming and resources that End of Three Fitness provides.