Richard Clark

Richard is a husband, father, and full time fitness coach in Middle Tennessee. In 2017, he left the corporate world to pursue a career helping people get stronger, leaner, better. He first obtained a personal trainer certification and became a CrossFit level 1 coach. With these credentials, he started working for and eventually managing, a small speciality training gym, running group fitness classes and one-on-one training. During this time he knew his education was incomplete, that these programs were missing the full picture. That’s when he found Eo3 and knew immediately that it put all the elements together to create a first rate training system. He became an Eo3 coach and has been successfully employing these principles to help his clients aged 20 to 75 become the best version of themselves. When he is not coaching or training, you can find him hiking, preferably in a place with no cell phone coverage, reading, or improving his woodworking skills.