Matthew Fiebig

I started lifting in 2011 when I began college. I ventured to the campus recreation center and started picking up weights. I consider myself self taught, but had lots of help from friends along the way. They did mostly powerlifting work, so that’s what I ended up doing. I also played quidditch - great for cardio (I suggest youtube-ing it).
After graduating, I kept lifting, but globo gym-itis (and an unwillingness to commute to the gym) eventually found its way into my routine. And so my garage gym was born. My commute was gone, but I was still missing something… cardio. My workouts had felt very impractical and I needed a change. That’s when I found Garage Gym Athlete. I started with EO3 at the beginning of 2018 and fell in love. It provided me with the strength and conditioning I was looking for.
So I went on to get my first coaching certification with EO3. I want to share the EO3 method with others and incorporate it into their routine so that they can feel good, but also live a better life through functional fitness.