Matt Markman

Matt is married with 2 little girls that keep him very active. He's currently active duty Air Force and spent a few years participating in a series of physiological metrics studies with the Air Force Research Laboratory. He's played every sport out there, competed professionally as a rodeo cowboy riding broncs, and loves every aspect of fitness. Matt believes success in any physical environment starts with a healthy mindset. Like Jerred, he was a PTL and UFPM while stationed in AFSOC and was fortunate enough to get to work with and help a number of Airmen who struggled with physical fitness. The ability to bring someone along a physical fitness journey while also witnessing the mental and emotional impact that comes with it is a large part of why he became an EO3 coach. On paper Matt may seem similar to many active, young individuals with a background in personal fitness. The difference that he brings is an ability to effectively communicate with athletes of different backgrounds and abilities. Anyone can design a workout program and talk at someone, but it takes real communication to truly be an effective coach and educator.