Kyra Seiler

After moving countries from South Africa to New Zealand in 2016, I joined a traditional gym where I spent countless hours doing cardio and practised poor eating habits. When it came to food, less was more, and I became anxious when I didn't train twice a day. My mental and physical health suffered and I realised I needed to take action and gain control of my life. I have been doing strength and conditioning training for just over 4 years now and started CrossFit 2 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the sport's progressive nature; there is always something new to learn and still lots to work on, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. My love for training led me to obtain a Bachelors of Sport and Recreation, Majoring in Sport and Exercise Science, as well as my CrossFit Level 1. During my time at CrossFit, I discovered End of Three Fitness as I wanted to develop good quality programming that was well-rounded in all aspects of fitness for my clients. This programming also gave me tools to help others build better, long-lasting habits to reach their goals faster. As a coach, my core beliefs revolve around mindset, consistency and discipline. This is a lifestyle to me and I genuinely train and eat well to feel good and perform at my best. I live to challenge myself daily and indulge when the time is right.