Kate Gugerli

Kate is a wife, mother of three, and sobriety coach. During her teens and early twenties, Kate was a competitive runner. As the workload from an expanding career in sales began to grow, fitness became less of a priority. Add three children, an international move and an increasing reliance on alcohol to the mix, and her physical and mental health suffered. In January 2020, she ditched alcohol and began her journey to improved physical and mental health. She spent a year testing her limits biking and decided to reinvent herself in the fitness space so she could support other women struggling with alcohol dependency. She considered a few different training programs for her coaching certificate but settled on End of Three Fitness because the concept of training the entire athlete was consistent with her recovery coaching program. Building better humans is the perfect mantra for sobriety because getting sober is all about building a better version of yourself. She also loved the nutrition component to the program and knew it would best support women in recovery. Since becoming alcohol free, Kate has supported hundreds of women in the sober community. Fitness is the key to her sustained sobriety and she is happy helping other women build the best version of themselves through the excellent programming and resources that EO3 Fitness Coaching provides.