Josh Pierlott

Josh fell into fitness in an unconventional way. After struggling with disordered eating and the darkness of depression Josh stumbled into exercise as a guiding light. Finding that there was an outlet for negative emotions to become positive he dove head first into the world of health and fitness. Initially starting with running Josh slowly began to find interest in weight lifting and programming. While obtaining a Psychology major at West Chester University Josh also began to pursue certifications in personal training, beginning with W.I.T.S(A branch of NASM), while reading through the books of strength provided by men like Jim Wendler and Louie Simmons. Unfortunately with time he realized that although he was provided a certification no one was teaching the proper way to program. Through trial and error as well as adopting principles he heard from experts in their fields Josh navigated his way through becoming an effective coach to provide the best service for his athletes. During all this a friend pointed him in the direction of the betterhumanology podcast, and the ideals the company End of Three Fitness upheld. After finding End of three and knowing full well the importance of proper coaching Josh ran multiple one off programs from End of Three fitness, including Shred, and One Man one Barbell. While running these programs he tried to backward engineer the how and why behind them, and fell in love with the training principles. Eventually this led to him signing up for GGA programming, and lit a new desire to be a better human. All of his past trials led Josh to jump at the idea of being a End of Three Coach, with the promise of a better way to build better humans. Josh's life goals are to help make the biggest impact on as many people possible. His ultimate goal is to change the world with the idea that training not only benefits the body physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.