Jeremy Simmons

Retired from the Marine Corps, a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate and a garage gym enthusiast, Jeremy is married and the father of six kids. He is no stranger to being a coach in and out of the gym having instructed both Karate and strength and conditioning classes over the past few decades. The unexpected death of his baby boy in 2011 triggered the need to make a change in his health and lifestyle that had become very inactive. Jeremy and his wife began a new health and fitness journey together that would allow them to live more active lives and presented them with the "why" to support one another. After several global gym memberships, following numerous weight training programs that didn't quite encompass the methodology and principles for creating a well-rounded athlete. Jeremy came upon E03 Fitness and hasn't looked back since. In the pursuit of finding a training program that fit his needs he became a GGA and most recent, an E03 coach. A strong belief in the methods and programming offered at E03 is the driving force that keeps Jeremy focused into the future of his health journey. His goals include building his own coaching and programming business alongside his wife. Working together to help build better humans one at a time.