Ian Watkins

Ian is married with 5 kids, a garage gym athlete, and all around fitness & nutrition nerd. Unlike many coaches, Ian’s life hasn’t always been about health and fitness. He grew up in a family that ate the Standard American Diet and was obese for the majority of his youth. 12 years ago he found his “why” at his daughter’s 1st birthday party, when he feared he may not live to see her 16th birthday, and began a new life focused on fitness and nutrition. In a year he lost 120 pounds and has been in love with helping others reach their goals since. He has gone through many fitness phases including endurance training, bodybuilding, power building, and even dabbled in CrossFit. He found Eo3 Fitness in 2016 and has been following their training and podcasts since. He hopes to own a gym and nutrition focused food company in the future and be an inspiration to anyone looking to change their life for the better.