Greg Isenhour

Greg Isenhour is a full-time husband( 34 Years), father, EO3 Coach, Garage Gym Athlete and Endurance Athlete. When he’s not coaching, he’s an executive in the Transportation Industry with over 35 years experience. Greg is an Ironman, and has completed numerous different triathlons and running events covering all distances. Greg grew up playing multiple sports all the way through High School, with baseball being his primary sport. During his late 30’s he went down the path of working long hours, excessive travel, not eating well, and not exercising. After a bad report on his health insurance physical he rekindled his desire to train, and reverse the negative outcomes of the previous few years. Over the following years he went from running casually around the block to competing in local running events, triathlons, obstacle course races, long heavy ruck marches, and finally completing a full Ironman, winning his age group. Shortly after finishing his Ironman, tired of the trips to the gym, and looking for something different to do he began training with EO3 on the one man one barbell system. The results were dramatic and he quickly found training in his garage was the way to go and started building out his garage gym. Since that time EO3 training has made Greg stronger, faster, more powerful, less prone to injury and in better shape at 54 than he has ever been.