Evan Halquist

I have been a firefighter for the last 12 years. I want to be prepared to do my job well and reduce my risk of injuries. This has shaped my approach to how I train as well as how I train others. Fitness is about building you up and not breaking you down. At the Los Angeles County Fire Department I am currently in charge of recruit fitness at our training academy. I am also a peer fitness trainer for the department. This allows me to coach my fellow firefighters on how they should train to be the most effective firefighters they can be.
I take this same mentality when I coach those outside the fire service. Training is about reaching your goals, whatever they may be, in a healthy way. I owned and operated a CrossFit gym as a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting coach for two years. Currently I use the principles of Foundation Training, Strong First and EO3(all of which I am certified in) to coach those I work with. By using these methods I have seen a reduction in injuries at the fire department while also simultaneously seeing an improvement in performance. I look forward to continue to work with the police, fire and military, as well as those in the civilian world to help build a stronger, happier and healthier community.