Erik Meyer

Erik is husband, father, and works full-time as an Assistant Golf Course Superintendent. He grew up playing sports and began lifting weights on and off since high school. Erik has always been under sized and not naturally strong. He has always had trouble putting on muscle and was often picked on for being the little guy. Due to the inconsistency in strength training, Erik never saw any real results and chalked it up to genetics. In early 2019, Erik was "working out" at a local gym doing random programs he found online. In May of that year, his wife gave birth to their first child. It was right around that time that he discovered End of Three Fitness and knew that starting his garage gym was the answer to save time and be home with the family. He started with One Man One Barbell, and it has been a snow ball effect ever since. He continued reading more articles on Eo3's website, and knew he wanted to learn more about how to "train" and not just "workout". He completed the Eo3 Coaching Course and joined Garage Gym Athlete, as well, and is now stronger than he has ever been thanks to the programming. Due to the physical nature of his work, Erik has notice a huge improvement in performance since starting concurrent training on a regular basis. He wants to use the Coaching Certification to help others realize what fitness can do for them in their lives, both personally and professionally.