David Weinstein

David is a naval officer with a passion for pushing himself and encouraging others to develop both mentally and physically. Additionally, he is driven to know the why and how in order to be better in these areas. His belief is that these areas are critical to what it means to be human. As a result, he is dedicated to a lifelong pursuit of a fitness-based lifestyle as well as an education in the fitness arena. Despite playing recreational sports as a child, David's initial indoctrination into the world of fitness began in 8th grade when we was cut from his soccer team for being overweight and out of shape. Refusing to quit, he altered his diet and invested significant time at the local YMCA fitness center. Eventually, he was able to claim his spot on the high school soccer and basketball teams. More importantly, his mentality shift and focus led him to attend the United States Naval Academy, where his drive for a fitness-based lifestyle thrived. He was even coerced into joining the Naval Academy club marathon team despite having zero traditional running background. As he commenced his career as a naval officer in 2009, he remained primarily in the world of "functional fitness" for the next 10 years. He continued running marathons until 2012 and even dabbled in an Olympic triathlon for fun. After the 2013 bombing of the Boston marathon while he was deployed in the Middle East, he vowed to run "Boston" one more time. David was often seen dragging his friends and co-workers to the gym or for a long run. Strangely, many did not return for a repeat event due to claims of "he is crazy" or "you are going to kill me." After program hopping between multiple online programming resources, he joined a CrossFit gym in 2019. He truly enjoyed his 6 months there, with the new skills and social community, but he found he wanted more and could not justify the price of the classes nor the time constraints. Furthermore, he found he was more invested in learning about fitness than the coaches whether it be nutrition or programming. The result being he went back to program hopping until stumbling upon Garage Gym Athlete. After reading Jerred's book and about a month of Harder to Kill, he was hooked. Then he saw a notification about the coaching course through Eo3. With one look at his wife and a nod of approval, he signed up. As a coach, David's goal is to lead others to their full potential through lifestyle changes not just a 12-week program or a 30-day diet. His desire is to establish a strong foundation to becoming a better human. He is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help others develop themselves. Oh and one last thing, Go Navy! Beat Army!