Caleb Donahoe

Caleb is a full time online trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and nutrition coach based in New York, New York. He’s also a massive nerd that can spend just as much time taking about videogames as he can about ways to optimize push-up form. Like many naturally scrawny guys, Caleb got into training to boost his size, strength, and confidence, but it wasn’t long before that collection of subjective goals turned into a pursuit to understand how and why the humans need to move. After years of trying pretty much every big-name training program on the market and hitting the walls of training plateaus, repeated injuries, and imbalanced workout programming, he stumbled upon Jerred Moon and End of Three Fitness. Results came faster than ever...reduced run times and injuries, massive increases in the major lifts, greater control, time management, mobility, recovery, and most importantly, a better understanding of how and why everything works. His mission is to help others get the same great results while still being able to live their lives, be with their families, and enjoy their hobbies. He’s thrilled to be part of a team that fosters a community of science-driven dedication and consistency with the mission to “Build Better Humans.”