Ashley Hicks

Ashley is a military spouse who has been involved with fitness throughout all stages of life. Soccer was the doorway for her love of competitive sports that eventually led her to CrossFit in 2012. She began competing almost immediately and continued to fall in love with learning new skills and becoming the best version of herself. In 2016 Ashley earned her CrossFit Level 1 certification and served as both founder and coach of Aces Wild CrossFit at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

About the same time she discovered CrossFit, Ashley was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. When the doctor gave her the ultimatum of surgery or radically altering her diet, she chose the latter. Ashley was able to naturally heal her body through a paleo diet and was able to stay medication free. In addition to beating her thyroid issue, Ashley discovered her new diet enabled her to shed body fat and increase her energy tenfold. Her passion for clean eating quickly spread in her circle of influence and she continues to serve as a nutritional consultant for numerous clients. Ashley’s passion for nutrition has led her to attend the Paleo FX conference as well as pursue a certification through Precision Nutrition.
After a few years of traditional CrossFit Ashley realized her strength and performance gains had stalled and she needed to reassess her approach to training. As a friend of Jerred Moon from his military career, Ashley trusted Jerred and Eo3 fitness to deliver a needed spark to her fitness drive. At the start of the 2017 Ashley jumped on board the Eo3 Fitness train and began the SHRED program. Through SHRED she saw results in just 12 weeks and decided to continue with Eo3’s programs through Garage Gym Athlete and is continually amazed by the results! Since then she has gone through the coaching program and started to help guide the athletes with nutrition at the start of Eo3’s latest program, ELEVATE. 

She is grateful for this opportunity to not just better herself, but to help others in their journey of fitness!