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Daily Over Decades Challenge



The fitness industry is broken. 

You are not the result of a 6-week challenge or 70-ish days of hard work.

You are a result of actions repeated daily over your lifetime: DAILY OVER DECADES.

Everything you could ever achieve in your life is on the other end of proper habits done daily on a long enough timeline. 

That’s it. 

I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that we ONLY have TODAY. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, and yesterday is gone.

The DAILY OVER DECADES CHALLENGE is a fitness challenge, but the implications for completing this challenge will creep into every area of your life. You’ll become better at your job; you’ll become a better husband/wife; you’ll become a better parent; you’ll be a better human. 

You’ll become these things not because you are fitter. You’ll become these things because you will unlock the secret to success: DAILY OVER DECADES. 



It’s simple. You have one calendar year to complete the following: 

Daily Over Decades Challenge

You can do this in a standard year, i.e., JAN 1 - DEC 31, or simply an entire year, i.e., 1 JULY - 30 JUNE. 

You pick your version and your level. So, for example, the most challenging version would be version 300 at Level III, and the “easiest” would be version 200 at Level I. 

Now, to the details: 


LEVEL I - The Monthly Discipline 

Level I - 300/200 Training sessions in a year. If completing level I only, you need to set your standard for what counts as a training session, i.e., minimum 25-minute workout, etc.

*Rule: You cannot count more than one training session per day towards your total. 

How to get it done:

  • 300 Challengers should shoot for 25 training sessions per month. 
  • 200 Challengers should shoot for 16-17 training sessions per month. 


LEVEL II - The Weekly Discipline 

Level II - You must adhere to the level I rule and get at least 300/200 minutes per week of training. 

*Rule: Training minutes cannot be averaged out for a year or month. At Level II, you must get 300/200 minutes of training each week of the year. 

*Rule: If you train more than one time in a day, those training minutes will count towards your 300/200 total minutes in a week, but you still cannot break the level I rule of counting more than one training session a day towards your overall training session count. 

How to get it done

  • 300 Challengers should aim for five 1-hr sessions per week or six 50-min sessions per week. 
  • 200 Challengers should aim for 4, 50-minute sessions per week or 5, 40-min sessions per week. 


LEVEL III - The Daily Discipline 

Level III - You must adhere to all rules in Levels I and II, and in each training session, you must burn at least 300/200 calories. 

*Rule: A training session is a block of time you have dedicated towards training. You can do different activities and things in the same dedicated training block to get to the 300/200 calorie minimum in LEVEL III. Example:You could do a strength workout for 200 calories, then go run a mile for 100 calories and that would still count as getting 300. However, every time you start a training session, it must be 300/200 calories. This matters if you are breaking up training sessions. An AM & PM session (which we do not recommend) would mean each session would have to be at least 300/200 calories. In doing so, we are encouraging you to get 300/200 calories in one single session. 

How to get it done

  • 300 Challengers should burn 300 calories every training session.
  • 200 Challengers should burn 200 calories every training session.



Finishing at ANY Level is a SUCCESS in the challenge! However, the level of commitment you want to attain is up to you!



We are encouraging a practice of DAILY OVER DECADES. There are no “make-ups” or “averaging” allowed in the challenge. If we were to do so, challengers who procrastinated would begin training 3x per day the last three months of the year to try and make up for not having the proper daily habits. The idea behind this challenge is way bigger than finishing a set amount of work. It’s about being the person who can do hard things, in a simple way with a bit of effort, each day. 



If you complete the challenge you get

1.) An awesome challenge shirt
2.) Put in the GGA Hall of Fame
3.) You get your name put in the hat for a Concept 2 Machine of your choice (300 version) or Garage Gym piece of equipment; i.e. Barbell, kettlebell, etc (200 version).
4.) You change your life. 


Get inspiration and information about the challenge. Sign up today to officially enter the challenge!