The TRIFECTA is an 12-week online training program that uses simple strength exercises and targeted energy system work to build your strength, flexibility, and conditioning.

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We designed this program to be the perfect introduction to EO3, for both beginners and anyone transitioning from a more traditional training background.

$95 - Build Real Strength & Conditioning



Strength is the base for ALL FITNESS - no exceptions - yet most programs run into 1 of 2 problems...
  1. They mimic elite protocols
  2. They don’t follow simple strength science 
So what’s wrong with an elite protocol??
One of the most studied textbooks ever written on strength training states:

“Innumerable attempts to mimic the training routines of famous athletes have proven unsuccessful” ~ Zatsiorsk (Strength Legend)

Are you starting to realize why the social media guru's "do what I do" program never works...? DON'T mimic the elite, but that’s only half the problem. The REAL issue…
There are three scientifically-proven methods to gain real, usable, strength and most programs are missing one (or more) of them.
We use all three in our entire system. We also combine these three methods with properly training the three energy systems to gain a high-level of conditioning. 

Dynamic Strength

To gain mastery is to be able to move a load with great speed and little risk. Adding speed to a programming is often missed.

Max Strength 

Moving through a range of motion at the maximum reps a given intensity will allow provides unparalleled stimulus. But doing it safely (not just a 1RM) is paramount. 

Controlled (Sub-max) Strength

Controlled Strength is simply moving sub-maximal weight in a manner that elicits neural adaptation and muscle growth.


A lot of programs will make you stronger. Some will improve your conditioning. A handful will build your strength & engine in the proper way. 

But what we’ve learned from working with tens of thousands of people around the world is that, if you lack in any one of the three strength elements, eventually you WILL get stuck – no matter what program you follow. And if your conditioning is not programmed properly, you could easily be stunting the strength gains you are after.

Our Trifecta is designed to fix that using our “H2K” training framework.


We developed our H2K Framework to ensure you spend your limited training time on the areas you need to improve most. Here’s how it works:




Weeks 1 - 4: One Man Bodyweight System

Step 1: Assess & Build 
During Weeks 1 - 4, you’ll test your current level of fitness and build a strong foundation through controlled strength work and aerobic conditioning.

Weeks 5 - 8: One Man One Kettlebell

Step 2: Test & Scale 
During Weeks 5 - 8, controlled strength work and aerobic conditioning continues then we add safe and effective max-strength work, an introduction to dynamic strength, and we add phosphagen conditioning (energy system training). 

Weeks 8 - 12: One Man One Barbell

Step 3: Become Dangerously Effective 
During Weeks 8 - 12, we hit every area of training. We operate in all three areas of strength; control, max, and dynamic methods while also training all three energy systems; oxidative, phosphagen, and glycolytic. 

The H2K Framework is deceptively simple. It seems like “common sense,” but once you spend time looking at how most people train, you’ll see it’s anything but. Most programs are based on MAYBE ONE of the areas we train but rarely are they all connected effectively. 

We designed The Trifecta around "The 3 Core Implements" that have been used for hundreds of years to gain strength, stamina, and well-balanced fitness; your body, a kettelebell, and a barbell. 



Having a system that moves you properly through the H2K Framework with the right implements and in the right order is kinda like following a GPS to your final destination, and it is your best path to seeing results.


Making progress with your body alone takes an extraordinarily simple and elegant system that, when done correctly, can pack on muscle, add huge strength gains and condition every inch of your body. Every level of fitness is welcome here.


The kettlebell has been used for centuries and is unique in its ability build positional strength and high levels of conditioning. Its use and placement in our program is the perfect bridge in increasing your overall fitness level. 


The barbell is unparalleled in the stimulus in can elicit and the amount of strength it can build in a short amount of time. Lifting heavy and quickly after solid bodyweight and kettlebell cycles will ensure you meet any goal or objective and stay injury-free


Lifting weight and doing some conditioning is not the point. It’s how applying different lifting methods and utilizing all energy systems will help you build the capabilities you want, loosen your restrictions, and open up new ways to tackle life. Here’s some of what the Trifecta will help you with:



Training all energy systems correctly will unleash your potential in short power-based training all the way to prolonged endurance activity. You'll make noticeable progress in all conditioning workouts. 



When you gain the ability to stabilize joints through unilateral movements and core exercises that actually work (i.e. not a sit-up) your chance of "random" injuries greatly reduces. 



Utilizing all strength methods will increase your raw strength AND make your more powerful and explosive. This combination better translates to function than slow (and boring) lifting. 



Joint, ligaments, and tendons. These are often the things that can bring us down yet most rarely ever focus on their development. We include this work to keep you going for decades! 

"Just ran in the OCR world championships and used OMOK and yoga EXCLUSIVELY for the last two months leading to the race. I was one of the 55% of the field to complete every single obstacle, even when they stacked five grip-centric challenges at the end of the 15k mountain run. This run is qualifying competitors only, so when I say that almost half of the competitors failed, understand that these are people who placed at least top ten in a Spartan, savage, battlefrog, etc. to qualify. I will without a doubt keep this program on loop!"

Cameron Beckham
...About One Man One Kettlebell...

Easy-To-Follow Online Training + Coaching Support to Take the Guesswork Out of Effective Training

With well over 10,000 athletes having followed our Online Training we have made the process simple and intuitive. While we are happy to answer any questions you have, we've done our absolute best to make sure you know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

Everything is clearly organized so you’ll know exactly what to do each day. You shouldn’t have to spend your time searching Google and YouTube to figure out how to use your program, so we’ve included everything you need to make our program easy to follow.



Join 14,271 athletes who have become dangerously-effective humans with our Trifecta:

"Finished the program last night i am happy about the gains made --- BASELINE --- Pushups (48), Knees to Elbow (34), Pull ups (22), and Air Squat (56). --- RETEST --- Pushups (63), Knees to Elbow (44), Pull ups (32), and Air Squat (68). Now on the OMOK!"

Ben Jordan
...About the One Man Bodyweight System...

"Was just looking through old training One Man One Barbell training logs and realized across 4 lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Bent-over Row), my lifts have gone up 312 total pounds in just short of 2 years. My squat went up 142 pounds in that time, from 243 up to 385. Also, in this time frame, I've run a half marathon, and 3 different obstacle course races over 8 miles each."

Dane Hager
...About One Man One Barbell...


We've spent the last 7 years building and refining this system, but you'll only need 12 weeks to build the strength and capacity that used to be reserved for lifelong athletes. Typical Online Programming either comes at a high upfront cost ($100's) or you spend $60 and ONLY get an ebook to download... 

$95 - Build Real Strength & Conditioning

The Trifecta is blend of coaching support, learning, and highly-effective programming. You can start when you want, take as long as you want, and repeat the program as many times as you want. 

Your one-time payment includes all future updates.

"In 3 months I have noticed major - I mean like mind blowing improvements - especially in the area of strength. In addition to dramatic increases across the board in my Olympic and Power Lifts, my confidence has improved dramatically. It challenges me with exactly what is needed to ensure continual growth and improvement."

Eden Sunshine
...About the Entire System (The Trifecta)...



After the first four weeks, if you’re not moving better and improving your fitness, we don’t want your money. Send us an email, and we’ll give you a full refund that you can put towards building out your garage gym. Please see all of the details our policy here.



"Ever since I started with EO3 in 2015, my life has completely changed! I am stronger in every lift, I am faster than I’ve been since high school, and most of all, my confidence in my capabilities has gone through the roof! I am no longer afraid to try new things and see what my body is capable of. EO3 has made me stronger, faster and harder to kill and I can’t wait to see where I go from here!"

Coree Rountree
...About our Training...

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve also taken the liberty of including the answers here, since the questions aren’t very enlightening on their own 😉

For the One Man Bodyweight System, you will need nothing more than space to do your exercises. We do have optional pull-ups in that program, so a pull-up bar is nice to have but not required. 

For One Man One Kettlebell, you will need ONE KETTLEBELL and that's it! You will want a KB weight that you can press overhead for 10 reps. 

For One Man One Barbell, you will need a barbell and some plates. 

Absolutely. The program is great for women and men. We’ve had loads of badass ladies go through the Trifecta and find that the program helps them to feel and move better.

Probably not. Since we progress an athlete from bodyweight to barbell over a 12-week period it really is scalable to any starting point. And since the entire program becomes customized to what YOU can do, it's a perfect fit for beginners, all the way to advanced. 

If you’ve been training consistently for at least a year, you can add The Trifecta by using our programming as a substitution for for conditioning or strength training.

Yes, but this is not a bodybuilding program. You may notice bigger arms and shoulders and become overall more defined. However, you will be building real usable strength, not 20 inch biceps.

Through our video instruction, you will become very proficient in bodyweight exercises, basic kettlebell movements, and all major barbell lifts. 

It depends on the day, but you won’t need to spend more than 45 minutes on any session unless you’re just having too much fun to stop.

The Trifecta shores up your weak points and plugs the holes in your fitness game, which means better performance in all your physical activities.

"The programming is great, it works and sniffs out your weaknesses - its challenging, however, the big difference is the community - it’s motivating, educational and fun."

Al Brooke
...About our Training...

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. The trifecta will save you over $50! 

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