The Ultimate WOD Log is a simple and very effective Microsoft Excel based program that helps you track results and make progress. That’s it! If you are looking to ‘challenge a virtual friend’ or show off your latest workout to your Facebook friends – it’s probably not for you.

  • Save your time – log quickly and forget about it.
  • Be more well rounded – Keep track of your metrics and find out what you aren't doing. 
  • Be healthier – by having the log hold you accountable on your diet.
  • Meet your goals – keep track of your goals and know where you are headed.
  • Get stronger – calculate volume for lifting and keep track of PRs, or even do the Wendler strength program.
  • Get faster – by tracking your endurance metrics.


The TUWL great way to track your results and follow your diet, it also has a number of great features which you will use almost every day. Whether it be a simple conversion from pounds to kilo’s, or finding out a new workout you can try, The WOD Log is just as much an information source as it is a log book.