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The End of Three Fitness Difference

Our Community

We are changing the game one athlete at a time. Join our community of trained, organized, no-nonsense athletes. It’s more than an effective system, it’s a community.

Real Impact

At End of Three Fitness we follow a framework which helps athletes, fast. Using one of our systems ensures you’ll be delivered a program and system that gets results.

More Results

We don't provide mishmash programs and we start every system by working the numbers to ensure success and greater results. End of Three Fitness will help you bring more value to your training.

Why the One Man One Kettlebell?

End of Three Fitness has quickly become one of the most trusted names in Strength & Conditioning. Created by Jerred Moon Founder & CEO, End of Three Fitness and former Physical Training Leader and Unit Fitness Program Manager in Air Force Special Operations Command, EO3 has now helped more than 5,000 athletes see results. And the results are incredible. Many athletes report more than a gain in lifting numbers, or reduction in body fat, but many also report life-changing experiences through the EO3 Methods.

Without a framework, you’re just senselessly hammering out sets and reps. But we know YOU are looking for more. You're looking for a proven system you can trust to deliver results.
What we've created is perhaps the most unique system you will ever see. Only one kettlebell is needed...never more than one. This simplicity saves you time and money. With this program you are only one kettlebell away from how you want to look, feel, and perform.

...But you should know…

Before this page was ever created, we’ve been hard at work to release something amazing...
But before release, this program was tested on over 100 athletes, so it’s proven…
But before testing, this program was masterminded using research from over a dozen independent studies on kettlebell training... don’t need to worry about any of those details. What you need to know is that if you follow this step-by-step’ll see results!!

Start the One Man One Kettlebell today!

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Who Should Use One Man One Kettlebell?


Need to get off your ass, but not sure where to start?? If you are a beginner looking to step it up a notch, want to do real training, and can still bring some intensity: This will be your foundation. It will not be easy!


If you are an intermediate athlete that wants to deepen the level of your training, follow proven programming that works, see more progress, and have an organized, hassle-free program template: One Man One Kettlebell will deliver.

Advanced Athletes

If you are an advanced athlete that wants to implement simple and effective programming, and you need an easy framework that could be added to your current routine to crush weaknesses and imbalances: This will be your best resource.

How The Program Works



What You Get In OMOK

✔ The Full One Man One Kettlebell System
✔ 20+ Athlete Brief Videos
✔ Priority Support -- Chat with a Coach  

✔ Private Facebook Group 
✔ Strength & Conditioning Workouts
✔ Free Updates For Life
[BONUS] One Man One Kettlebell Strength System Spreadsheets ($49 value)
[BONUS] HD Video Library ($97 value)


How much is a lack of direction and plan costing you? How much POTENTIAL PROGRESS has been lost in the sea of noise; jumping from program to program? How many workouts do you skip because you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels? How many family members look to you to set the example? A lack of direction and plan may already be costing you a great deal...It's time to join a real community focused on YOUR SUCCESS! Hit to button below to get started.




✔ The Full One Man One Kettlebell System

✔ 20+ Athlete Brief Videos

✔ Priority Support -- Chat with a Coach

✔ Private Facebook Group

✔ Strength & Conditioning Workouts

✔ Free Updates For Life

✔ [BONUS] One Man One Kettlebell Strength System Spreadsheets ($49 value)

✔ [BONUS] HD Video Library ($97 value)


One Man Bodyweight System + One Man One Kettlebell +
One Man One Barbell



Get the entire "One Man Series" and save 35% over the price of buying each one individually.  

✔ Everything in the One Man Bodyweight System 

✔ Everything in One Man One Kettlebell

✔ Everything in One Man One Barbell 



Typical Programming either comes at a high upfront cost $100's (or more), or it costs a monthly fee. One Man One Kettlebell is available at a terrific introductory price.

Save big while adding some serious training with BIG results to your training arsenal!