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Adapt or die, right?


Coaches are needed now, more than ever, but the industry is not prepared for the new dynamic coaching environment. 

We pick up the slack where EVERY other coaching program or certification FAILS… 

They teach you how to correct a squat, but not how to program effectively and efficiently... WE DO. 

They teach you a little about diet, but not how to get someone to stick to it…. WE DO.

They give you a certification and NEVER tell you how to make any damn money!!



"The programming is designed based on tested and proven methodology and because of the focus on the human element you’ll help athletes adhere to effective and efficient training. With the EO3 method, you’ll get results!"

William Ursprung, Ph.D.
Professor at Texas A&M University, Department of Kinesiology

The World’s #1 Online Coaching Program for Coaches Who Want to Create Massive Results For Their Clients Through Unparalleled Mindset Training and Programming and who want to Start and Scale their Online Coaching Business.



The Coach Accelerator Program (CAP), is EO3’s premier digital course, which is plugging the three major holes in the fitness industry; Mindset, Programming, and Digital Business.  



How to Assess the Mental Capacity & Potential of an Athlete

The End of Three Fitness Framework helps athletes, fast. Deepen the value you offer your clients and athletes, to help athletes see more progress, and have an organized, hassle-free process.



The Methods We Developed and have used to Program for 10,000+ Athletes

Move away from mishmash programs and start working by the numbers to ensure success and greater results. End of Three Fitness will help you bring more value as a coach and athlete.



How to Start, Scale, and STANDOUT with an Online Business

Join our community of trained, organized and equipped strength & conditioning coaches who are changing the game one athlete at a time. We help coaches scale their impact through our proven online business education.

"I was very much an amateur in the online business game. Jerred dove deep into the numbers and psychology of running a business with me. He lead me through the development of reproducible and trackable systems that allowed me to continually grow my business beyond a level I ever thought possible."

Dr. Zachary Long
Physical Therapist & Director of TheBarbellPhysio.com


Learn What the Top 1% of Coaches Know That You Don't: 

Learn Bulletproof Programming, Implement Effective Mindset training, and Scale (fast) with THE NEW Online Coaching Business Model













Jerred is the Founder & CEO of End of Three Fitness and former Physical Training Leader and Unit Fitness Program Manager in Air Force Special Operations Command and head coach here at End of Three Fitness.

With his team, Jerred  and EO3 have now helped over 10,000 athletes see results. Jerred spends most of his time coaching and programming for athletes and working with other coaches to help develop their skills to be the most well-rounded coaches possible.

Become a Coach. Build Better Humans.

Adapt or die, right? The truth is, coaches are needed now, more than ever, but the industry is not prepared for the new dynamic coaching environment. So to prepare coaches for what's next. We created the Coach Accelerator Program to plug the holes in the coaching industry and accelerate your career.

Coaches love to grind. I know, I’m a coach. But the literal definition of “GRIND” is “reduce something to powder by crushing it”... Why would you want that to define your career?

The truth is coaching (in general) is incredibly competitive, the hours are very long, and the pay often comes nowhere close to the actual value the coach provides.

What does this mean for coaches? BURNOUT

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen coaches crash and burn. They run to cubicles, real estate, or any other job they can find for a tiny bit of reprieve.

While we love to work hard, we also like to work smart. We aim to provide sustainable work-to-life balance for coaches by implementing sound business strategies for remote coaching; which makes for a more profitable business and a lot of flexibility in your schedule.

Now, some coaches may not be on the path to burnout... But that doesn’t mean the struggle is over.

There are the 3 more elements I see coaches struggle with; 1.) Psychological element (helping athletes know the ‘why’ and stick to it). 2.) Programming element (coaches know some programming but are not taught to the level required) and lastly, 3.) Marketing…(FORGET IT, coaches just want to be coaches and aren’t good at marketing)

As a coach, you have ONE or more missing elements above. We fully plug each one of those holes in our Coach Accelerator Program.

This is the WORST one. Why? Because it comes from such a good place in the heart of a coach because coaches simply want to coach. They want to make an impact...BADLY.

But I often see this desire to help people make you sacrifice your...worth, health, time, and more

We help coaches avoid sacrificing themselves and to value themselves appropriately.

When we say most coaches don't know how to program, it's not a shot at the coach. Most coaches have a ton of knowledge either from experience, being self-taught or through other forms of education.

However, we see a lot of coaches running into one of three problems with programming; 1.) They do not understand how to program for people who are not like them. 2.) They continually try to be creative to "impress" their athletes instead of using proven methods. 3.) They can program, but it takes an absurd amount of time because they have no real framework or system to follow.

In the Coach Accelerator Program, we give you 100% confidence in your ability to program for any population with the knowledge that you will get them results.

There are different levels in which you can join the Coach Accelerator Program. If you have selected the Certification level, upon completion of the Coach Accelerator Program with all quizzes passed with 80% or above, the written practical reviewed and passed, and the programming practical completed to EO3 standards, you will be mailed our coaching certificate and package to include programming resources, coaching shirt, and gear. 

This is not the type of program where you sign up and then you are on your own!!

While you are going through the Coach Accelerator Program, you have full access to Skype (or phone) calls with an EO3 Coach to get your questions answered to make sure you are making progress.

Once complete, you get access to our programming spreadsheets and tools to make your life easier as a coach and programmer. We save you time and energy with the digital tools we have created for programming.

On top of that, we are there to support you as you start and scale your online business where you are never left out in the cold when trying to make business decisions.

After full completion of the Coach Accelerator Program, you are officially welcomed into the EO3 Coaching community which comes with two major perks. 1.) You get lifetime discounts on any EO3 Programs, should you wish to purchase for personal use. 2.) This is 100% optional, but you can also sell any of the programs we have at partner-level commissions (50% or higher in some cases). We provide this option to help those who are getting started in the online world and is by no means a requirement.



Frequently Asked Questions

From Week 1 Mindset to the conclusion of the business curriculum is 12 weeks. However, we often suggest factoring in more time for completion of the practical steps and requirements. 

Yes. We provide access to all materials in our member’s area. You also get to communicate with coaches 1-on-1 via zoom. 

Our program is delivered digitally through an Online Portal and furthered with live coaching and support each week to give you everything you need to succeed - quickly. We walk you through 12 weeks worth of training modules that cover every detail and nuance you need to be successful in implementing our EO3 Coaching System.

Each module is released only once you’ve completed the previous one so there’s no rush and you’re never overwhelmed. And each month, you’re fully supported with several coaching calls to support all aspects of your EO3 Coaching Accelerator Program so you can move forward with more clarity and confidence. Our goal is to help you every step of the way with support, Q&As, and much more!

There are 3 levels in which you can start with CAP. After your application, we will send a very detailed PDF breaking down the entire program and cost.

CAP will allow you to take your coaching career to the next level. You will gain the tools needed to become an expert in programming and mindset applications for athletes. You will also be able to launch and scale a digital platform that could alter the trajectory of your career and life. 

A basic certification from any organization simply gets your foot in the door to train clients and athletes. After that, the only thing that matters on a coaching resume are the RESULTS of your athletes. In our program, we have broken the mold of throwing impractical knowledged at you and have created a program that will get results for your clients/athletes and help you grow a business. With most certifications, you walk away with a piece of paper on your wall and some knowledge. You’ll get those things here, too...but we also want to put some paper in your bank by teaching you how to operate a fitness business in the new digital age! 

The first step is to apply and schedule a call with an EO3 Coach. We review applications, conduct phone calls, and then extend invitations on a case-by-case basis. 

We screen coaches based on work ethic and aligned values.

Are you ready to ACCELERATE your coaching career?

To get started is simple. Just hit the button below to apply and you will have completed the first step in joining us as an EO3 Coach.


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Learn What the Top 1% Knows That You Don't:

Learn Bulletproof Programming, Implement Effective Mindset training, and Scale (fast) with THE NEW Online Coaching Business Model